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After much deliberation, due to differences in leadership styles and business practices, I have decided to resign from Outland Armour effective upon my return from the securing of our assets in Nashville.

Thank you all.

We are home and we are safe. We lost our cars and some of our personal belongings but after some interesting (and entertaining, can we say "snorkel-bus") times, we've all arrived home in our rentals and are starting to catch up with loved ones, friends, baths and sleep.

Thank you all for your love and support =)
and a big thank you to the "rescue flotilla" that ferried us from our sinking hotel.

news links to give ya an idea until I can do a write up:

Rescue flotilla

Right behind our hotel

we were on the third floor

Watch this. Seriously

Photos I took

Oh! and watch Good Morning America today. They're going to be airing some of the footage we shot of the rescue boats.

Alive in Nashville

we are here:

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Everything between the river and Briley parkway, including our building, is under six to ten feet of water. The parking lot of our building is under two to four and the first floor stoops are startin to get wet.

We're on the third floor and, for the time being, still have power.

All in all, MTAC has been one of our better conventions.

Idle hands

I've been busy.

I'm just now recovering from the insanely rushed Big Sister build last week and I'm now gearing up for my next project which should carry me well into March. When I have time (snort, yeah right) I'll have to catch ya up on the build schedule but for now here's links to Kotaku, College Humor and Nathans, project lead, build blog.

All things considered, I have a really great life. Thank you, every one of ya.

Points of Note

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite women, Melissa and Soni. You both rock and I'm happier for havin' ya'll around to yell at me.

I'll be at AWA all weekend. Feel free to drop by to bother, bug and berate me.

Steam Punk Star Wars Han Solo preview

Here are a couple preview shots from the outstanding shoot we had today with Matt from Dim Horizon Studio. We'll have more once we've proofed a small pile of them.

One more behind the cut.Collapse )